Sniper_with_Concentric_Dot_Black_FINAL_01.20.16 | Low Pressure Embolization (LPE)

The Benefits of LPE

  • Embolic agents flow exclusively into the tumor site using low pressure and slow flow
  • Reduces or eliminates non-target flow to healthy tissue

Animal Study Findings

Improved Tumor Fill

A recent animal study* funded by the National Science Foundation concluded that during microparticle delivery 2.4 times the amount of microbeads were collected using Sniper compared to a standard microcatheter.

Low Pressure Creates Branch Artery Flow Redirection

The animal study* concludes that when low pressure is created via occlusion, all branch arteries distal to the balloon disappear since they are redirected in favor of the tumor and only the tumor arteries are visible.

(Angiograms of liver blood vessels without balloon occlusion and with balloon occlusion using Sniper)

* Rose S, Halstead G, Narsinh, K. Pressure-Directed Embolization of Hepatic Arteries in a Porcine Model Using a Temporary Occlusion Balloon Microcatheter: Proof of Concept. Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol, 2017, DOI 10.1007/s00270-017-1753-7.

How does it work?